History of Richwood

Richwood was found in 1835, but even before that, there were plenty of incidents. Small incidents such as missing livestock and bad luck have always been common. Sometimes, though, more sinister incidents took place.

December 8, 2004
A fire caused the deaths of 8-year-old Brett Channell and 9-year-old William “B.J.” Channell. The fire was attributed to arson; however, no culprit was ever found. Their mother, Deb Channell, and younger sister managed to get out the front door.

December 12, 1993
The Richwood Gazette closed down, citing low sales and financial troubles as the reason. The co-owner, however, had an entirely different story. A shadowy figure, ghostly disturbances and black market antiques featured heavily in his version. Unfortunately, none of it could ever be verified, and he was found dead of apparent suicide soon after.

January 4, 1967
Something fell from the sky, causing damage throughout the town. All records of the incident have disappeared.

History of Richwood

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